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About us

The research group - What we do and what our strategy is

Our work

The research group is part of Dep. of Biochemistry and Immunology at Hospital Sønderjylland and Institute of Regional Health research at University of Southern Denmark.

The unit covers three research groups:

  • Chronic inflammatory chronic diseases (managed by Professor Vibeke Andersen)

MOK improves Personalised Medicine by applying in-depth molecular, lifestyle and clinical characterisation of individual patients.

We consider Personalised Medicine as the focal point of our research, with input from different subject areas using multifaceted methods.

We are looking for individual characteristics in patients’ lifestyle and disease course to predict the best possible treatment for each individual patient. Of particular interest is:

  • Understanding of disease mechanisms
  • Prediction of treatment response
  • Register studies and dietary influences

Read about the research team, our projects, and the research unit using the links above and below.

Our strategy