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PhD Projects

List of ongoing PhD Projects at the Molecular Diagnostic and Clinical Research Unit

Ongoing projects

Prognostic factors and personalised medicine in chronic inflammatory diseases (CID); a prospective cohort study on factors predicting treatment response (BELIEVE)

2019-2022, Silja Hvid Overgaard

Available clinical information for clinical decision-making within inflammatory bowel disease: A Danish nationwide registry study (R-IBD)

2019-2023, Nathalie Fogh Rasmussen

Biomarkører for bindevævsomsætning i inflammatorisk tarmsygdom – diagnostisk og prædiktiv kapacitet

2020-2023, Anja Fejrskov Severino

Predicting response to medical treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) using single nucleus and cell transcriptomic on intestinal biopsies: a prospective cohort study of personalized medicine

2020-2023, Zainab Hikmat

Effects of gluten intake on development and disease course of chronic inflammatory diseases (CID) using two prospective cohorts and an intervention study

2020-2024, Laura Gregersen

Chronic inflammatory diseases (CIDs): prediction of treatment response based on cytokine profiles and inflammatory biomarkers in blood, feces and intestinal tissue

2020-2025, Karen Mai Møllegaard

Former projects

The impact of red meat and whole-grain intake on the colonic mucosal barrier, and the evidence on the available biomarkers of whole-grain intake in humans.

2017-2021, Ph.d-forsvar 15. januar 2021, Mohamad Jawhara