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Student projects

List of ongoing and former student projects at the Molecular Diagnostic and Clinical Research Unit

Ongoing projects

Predicting treatment response of TNFi based on gluten intake

Predicting treatment response of TNFi based on BMI


Former projects

Predicting treatment response of TNFi based on cytokine profiles in blood

2022-2023, Ayla Laura Højensbro, Medicine student

Antidrug antibodies in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease with anti-TNF

2021-2022, Freja Vilhelmsdal, Medicine student

Pharmacogenetics in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

2021-2022, Hela Nazari, Medicine student

Nutrient status prior to birth and during childhood among young adult patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

2021-2022, Christopher Jensen, Public Health Science student

Preparation for research year abroad

2021-2022, Caroline Simonsen, Medicine student

Impact of fibre and red and processed meat on the risk of developing Inflammatory Bowel Disease using the UKBiobank study

2021-2022, Marco Cremonini, Biomedicine student

Geographical area at time of birth and risk of Chronic Inflammatory Disease development in Denmark

2021, Synne Gulliksen and Elise Herland, Medicine students

Exposure of air pollution in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

2021, Heidi Kettunen, Medicine student

A genome-wide association study (GWA) of gene-environment interactions in relation to development of chronic inflammatory diseases (CIDs)

2020-2021, Daniel Kielstrup