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Internal Medicine Research Unit is affiliated with Medical Department and covers a wide range of research in the medical and palliative field.

The unit was established in collaboration with the Department of Regional Health Research at the University of Southern Denmark.

Internal Medicine Research Unit is committed to developing new knowledge for the treatment and care of medical and palliative patients. It is interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral consisting of researchers from various professional backgrounds, such as medicine, nursing, nutrition, organizational development, etc. This provides the opportunity to gain many perspectives on research questions and insight into different research methods.

We carry out clinical, epidemiological and organisational research in the medical and palliative field. In addition, we also focus on research into the use of telemedicine solutions and cross-sectoral collaboration. Both Ph.D. students and senior researchers with qualifications in quantitative and qualitative methods form the basis of the unit.

We are happy to help develop new research projects or provide guidance wherever you are in your research process. At the same time, we provide opportunities for participation in current research projects. Therefore, if you are interested in carrying out research in the medical or palliative fields feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.

We provide an on-boarding research service for postgraduate/masters students, where you can come, present your idea or project, and receive feedback from researchers with competencies in the area. We can also provide video meetings if needed.


Frans Brandt Kristensen

Forskningsleder, klinisk lektor, MPM, Ph.d.

Medicinsk Forskningsenhed, Sygehus Sønderjylland

79 97 30 10 Præsentation af Frans Brandt Kristensen og hans forskning

Kathrin Söderberg


Medicinsk Forskningsenhed, Sygehus Sønderjylland


Mariam Safi

Ph.d.-studerende, organisatorisk

Medicinsk Forskningsenhed, Sygehus Sønderjylland

Præsentation af Mariam Safi og hendes forskning

Jan Dominik Kampmann

Ph.d-studerende, læge

Medicinske Sygdomme, Sygehus Sønderjylland, og Institut for Regional Sundhedsforskning, Syddansk Universitet.

Præsentation af Jan Dominik Kampmann og hans forskning

Anders Nikolai Ørsted Schultz

Ph.d.-studerende, reservelæge

Medicinsk Forskningsenhed, Sygehus Sønderjylland

79977314 Præsentation af Anders Nikolai Ørsted Schultz og hans forskning

Eithne Hayes Bauer

Forsknings- og Udviklingssygeplejerske, Ph.d.-studerende, cand. cur.

Medicinsk Forskningsenhed, Sygehus Sønderjylland

Præsentation af Eithne Hayes Bauer og hendes forskning

Donna Lykke Wolff

Datamanager og registerforsker, Ph.d.

Medicinsk Forskningsenhed og Klinisk Forskningsafdeling, Sygehus Sønderjylland

Tina Jakobsen

Sårsygeplejerske, Cand. Cur.-studerende (APN)

Medicinske Sygdomme, Sygehus Sønderjylland


Dorota Paulina Küttel

Post. doc., læge

Medicinsk Forskningsenhed